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Your French translator

Your French translator

Hi, I’m Clément!

I’m your French translator to help tourism, leisure and lifestyle / retail companies to reach the French-speaking markets by localising and optimising their marketing and website content into French with relevant keywords.

I also help French companies that want to understand the Chinese-speaking markets.

Why work with an independent French translator?

When it comes to find a language service provider, a quick internet search will give you plenty of results.

So it’s difficult to make a choice and find the right provider that will really care about your content.

Agencies can offer multiple services and language combinations, but you can feel a quite impersonal relation, for example just uploading a file and get a translation. And you don’t know who really translates.

With an independent translator, you don’t have a project manager between you and the translator. You are in direct contact and you feel taken care of. And as a translator, it is very important to know directly from the client what are the expectations.

Independent translator
know your client

Why is it important to know your client when you are a translator?

When you want to translate a website and marketing content to target a specific market, translation is not just a word for a word.

The translator has to know who his client is targeting and adjust the content accordingly. There are two major aspects to take into consideration when translating a website:

localisation: adjust the content based on regional language and cultural habits

optimisation (SEO): adjust the content to be visible when internet users make a search.

I can help you to define who you are targeting so the language is addressed to this target audience.

When looking for a French translator, always hire a native

Only a native can grasp all the nuances of a language. That’s why most translators only offer translations into their native language and not the other way.

If your main target is European French-speaking markets, then, a European French native translator is your perfect translator. Your content will be intelligible to other French-speaking markets but will be more localised and optimised to fit European French.

native translator

My journey

native French

Born and raised in France.

Studied Chinese as my major at university and worked in tourism.

Chinese speaking

7 years in China.

In Chengdu and Beijing, where I studied Chinese and lastly worked for the French Embassy.

Greek speaking

Based in Greece since 2018

Back to Europe. My dream to call Athens “home” has finally become true, a long love-story with Greece since the age of 5, when I travelled to the country for the first time.

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