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Clément Marquet

7 years spent in China, to study, discover, advise… and 5 years to help French businesses in their strategy in China.

Jumping between languages is part of my daily life and translation was the most natural occupation I could dedicate myself.

Playing with language is a kind of acting, adapting your voice to each culture. I also like to perform improvisation theatre and I have this penchant to imitate my relatives. I found a way to make this penchant a professional skill, thus offering voice-over services!

Because some translation projects can necessitate voice-over or some voice project leader may need their script to be translated first, I can carry on the two sides of the job.

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εmbiria, in Greek εμπειρία [embiria], means “experience”, because language is a matter of experience, not only of the words but also of the culture related to it.

Translation services

Machine translation has made great progress but it is still imperfect and only human translation can understand all the nuances of a language and find the perfect match.

I can perform translation from Chinese (simplified and traditional), English and Greek into my native French

I met Chinese at the age of 14, when I decided to take an optional class at high school, at that time, the almost only one in northeastern France, being thus my first “expatriation”. This choice led me to pursue in a more intensive way to finally graduate in Chinese studies from the National Institute of Oriental and Languages and Civilisation in Paris, the historical school teaching about 100 oriental languages in France since the 18th century.

My first real expatriation was an exchange semester at Peking University, and finally a total of 7 years in China, working for the EU Delegation to China, the French Consulate in Chengdu and the French Embassy in Beijing.

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If you’re not familiar with Chinese, what we usually call “Chinese” is more precisely Mandarin, the official and standard language in Mainland China, supposed to be spoken and understood by everyone. Hundreds of dialects are still used today, some, quite different from Mandarin. Though, mostly oral, the writing doesn’t differ that much, mostly pronunciation is affected. Mainland China uses simplified characters, but elsewhere, traditional characters have remained, such as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and in most of the overseas communities in Asia and in the world.

To make it clear: my knowledge of Chinese is Mandarin and I am able to deal with both simplified and traditional characters.

Voice-over services

Voice-over is basically everywhere in our modern daily environment: from an ad to an online video tutorial, from an announcement in a public area to a museum audioguide, or even an audiobook.

Combining voice-over to translation gives you the opportunity of a single interlocutor for your voice-over projects that need to be translated.

With my professional equipment, I can record different types of voices, not only in my native French but also in English, Chinese, Greek and Spanish for clients who need non native accents. That said, the best for you is to check the samples below.

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A sample is worth a hundred words… Listen to my voice in French, English, Chinese, Greek and Spanish:

Samples in French
Samples in English
Samples in Chinese
Samples in Greek
Samples in Spanish