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Frequently asked question

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What is the cost of translation?

Multiple factors will determine the final price of the translation, like the volume, the difficulty level, the extra services offered, etc.

The first step is a free call with you to determine your goals and your needs so I can send you a quotation.

The quotation will have several options, like SEO keyword research, so you can choose what is the best for you, based on your needs and your budget.

Do you charge VAT?

My activity is registered in Greece. Companies based in Greece are subject to 24 % VAT. Companies based in the EU with an EU VAT number and companies based outside of the EU are exempted from VAT.

What about confidentiality?

All documents, emails and any content you share with me are private and I will not share your datas with anyone.

For sensitive content, I can provide a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at your request.

What are your language pairs?

My native language is French so I only translate into French from Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional), modern Greek and English.

What is the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese?

Mainland China uses simplified Chinese. Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and some overseas Chinese communities use traditional Chinese.

It is the same language but some characters are different as communist China decided to simplify the writing system in the 1950s’.

I am able to handle both simplified and traditional Chinese.

What is the difference between Chinese and Mandarin?

China has many languages, but Mandarin is the common language and the only official one, supposed to be intelligible by everyone. While the oral forms can vary significantly from one language to another, the writing is almost the same.

The most accurate term would be “Mandarin Chinese”, but “Chinese” or “Mandarin” are also widely used to refer to the same language.

What are you specialisation areas?

I specialise in tourism / travel / leisure and lifestyle / retail sectors. Lifestyle include niche brands and brands that want to expand on new markets in the sectors of gourmet food, wine and spirits, interior design, handicraft, fashion, jewellery, etc.

These are sectors I have a previous working experience with.

What is a certified translator and are you certified?

Certified translators are able to translate and stamp official documents that will be used by the administration.

I am not a certified translator.

Are you an interpreter?

Interpreter and translator are different activities: interpreter is oral and translation is written.

I don’t provide interpreting services.

More questions?

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