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Your audio guide with a French voice

You want an audio guide in French to stand out from your competitors?

Offering audio guides at cultural or recreational sites can greatly enhance the visitors’ experience.

However, to effectively attract French-speaking tourists, it is crucial to provide not only a translation of the guide but also a native voice for the audio.

A French voice to stand out

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The importance of an audio guide

Audio guides offer insights, historical context, and background details about the subject at hand. It allows users to delve deeper into the content.

They can be accessed through headphones, speakers, or smartphone apps. It’s a convenient and educational way to explore and learn about various cultural and historical sites.

It’s a great asset for cultural and recreational sites. Today, visitors are more demanding on unique experiences and original content.

French voice

Native French voice and high-quality

By offering high-quality translated and localised content in French along with an authentic native voice, you can truly differentiate yourself from competitors. You provide a top-notch experience for visitors.

The combination of accurate translations and a native voice can greatly enhance the overall quality and immersion of the audio guide, increasing its value and appeal.

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Two tasks, one provider

If you are seeking a provider who can fulfil both the translation and recording requirements for your audio guide, look no further.

My services offer a comprehensive solution that includes not only the translation of the content but also the recording of a male voice-over by a native speaker.

Fluency and linguistic expertise will provide visitors with an immersive experience, allowing them to fully appreciate the site or attraction they are exploring.

Do you need a provider who can both translate your audio guide into French and record a male native French voice?

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